Saturday, December 25, 2004


Christmas Tears

Finding out who this song was by without my having ever heard it was the first of many tests that my now-wife set before me while I was courting her. All she knew was that it was a Christmas song and that maybe the singer from Heavenly sang on it. I found out just moments before going on the air with my first all-xmas music radio show (it didn't grow to marathon proportions for few more years) -- fortunately the station even had a copy! She was impressed, but still wouldn't go out with me for another month-and-a-half. The band is the Hit Parade and the song is on their 1991 More Pop Songs CD on Vinyl Japan (buy it -- click "H" and then scroll down). There are actually two different versions on the CD; the first version is a jangly-rockin' pop ditty with just the band. There's a bonus track on the CD that is more of a kitchen sink-type production with a really full (but not cluttered), keyboard-y arrangement, sung by Amelia Fletcher.

Christmas Tears
Christmas Tears (with Amelia Fletcher)

Funny how a bummer Christmas song helped spark romance. Merry Christmas, baby!
And a very merry Christmas to all you readers/listeners out there. Stay tuned for more great Christmas music!

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